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Mr. Anke - Art
Room 214- [email protected]

3D Art (year-long class w/ mixed 7th & 8th graders)- Students practice creating the illusion of depth in two dimensions by using one, two, and three point perspective, line variation, color theory, atmospheric perspective, foreshortening, shading and other methods.  2D projects include painting, printmaking, illustrating, computer design, multimedia, and more.  They also work with three dimensional media such as clay (both hand-built and wheel ceramics) paper mache, wood and found objects.  

Elements of Art (semester-long class w/ mixed 7th & 8th graders)- Students work in various 2D and 3D mediums such as collage, drawing, ink block printing, sculpture, computer design and more while learning about, and creating a common language around, the Seven Elements of Art.  We create projects with the purposeful use of these elements.

6th Grade Elective Wheel Art- Students create art while sampling some of some of the mediums we use in the semester and year-long classes, all while learning to navigate as artists in a studio.

Ms. Hevenor - Home Economics
Room 411 - [email protected]

Home Economics

In home economics, students learn to be more independent, more creative and more confident as they cook, sew and pursue other personal skills including nutrition, healthy lifestyles, career options, and basic personal finance.  Using our classroom kitchens and sewing stations, students will add to their own ability to take care of themselves and explore what life has to offer them now and in the future.

Mr. Minson - Bands, Chorus, and Jazz Bands

Room 219 - [email protected]
Stanley Music Website 

Band is an elective for all students at Stanley Middle School. Currently, there are four bands: Cadet, 2 Silver, and Symphonic. Students are placed at their ability level at the beginning of the school year.  

Cadet Band focuses on fundamentals, including fingerings, learning some major scales, basic rhythms, and learning how to play in large groups with multiple instruments.  In the cadet band, there are more instrument options than in elementary school.  Some of these include: Saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone), F Horn, oboe, bassoon, euphonium, tuba.  Cadet band performs in 3-4 concerts per year.

Silver Bands extend student knowledge of fingerings, begin study of all 12 major scales and some minor scales, extending chromatic scales, more complex rhythms and time signatures.  Bronze/Silver performs in 4-5 performances per year.

Symphonic Band extends student knowledge further, with memorization of all major scales, more work on minor scales, complex rhythms and repertoire, and performance of odd meters.  Symphonic Band performs in 5-6 concerts per year, including the CMEA Festival and Concert at The Res.

Chorus is for any Stanley student grades 6-8.  Chorus is a class dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that is inclusive and fun, while also developing a love for music.  In chorus, students will learn the foundations of good vocal production, choral singing techniques, as well as singing in multiple genres.  Students will learn how to read music, including notes, rhythms, dynamics, articulations, diction in English as well as other languages.  The only prerequisite is that students come with a willingness to sing, learn, and have fun!

Jazz Band is a before-school program for music students looking to join a fun, instructive and inspiring group of student musicians.  There are currently 3 jazz band levels:

The Groove Merchants meet Mon. 7:20-8:05

In Groove Merchants, students will learn basics of jazz, including swing, rock, funk, and latin rhythms, as well as an introduction into jazz improvisation.  Students are encouraged to take solos in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.  Groove Merchants play 2 concerts per year.

The Jazz Crusaders meet Th 7:20am-8:05am

In Jazz Crusaders, students will extend their knowledge of jazz rhythms and scales, and dive deeper into jazz improvisation.  Students are encouraged to take more improvised solos in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.  Jazz Crusaders play 2 concerts per year.

The Jazz Messengers meet M,T,F from 7:20am - 8:05am 

In our most advanced group, the Jazz Messengers, students will continue to develop their ability to read and perform in many different jazz styles.  Students will focus on the intricacies of playing in a jazz big band, including understanding their instrument's role, balance, articulation, and dynamics.  They will further develop their improvisation skills.  Jazz Messengers performs 4-5 concerts per year, including The Res Run, Campana Jazz Festival, and The Jazz Cafe.  

Students in Jazz bands must be enrolled in a music class during the regular school day.

Mr. Pease - Wood Shop and Gardening
Room 220 - [email protected]

Wood Technology (Shop) - Wheel 6 & 7 and 8th grade year-long
The Wheel 6 woodworking class is designed to be a hands-on, project-based class in which students develop basic woodworking skills, a safety attitude, and basic skills in wood project construction using hand tools.  The course will focus around the concept of "learning by doing" and also follow the S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum.  This class opens up opportunities for students to learn skills that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives and will allow them to appreciate and value quality workmanship.

Gardening - This year-long program immerses students in all aspects of outdoor agriculture including soil science, fruit and vegetable cultivation, composting, integrated pest management and landscape management. Students will also participate in the outdoor garden on campus which includes planting food and building new projects.

Ms. Pitts - 6th Grade World Languages Wheel
room 602 - [email protected]

World Languages - This Wheel 6 course is a dynamic introduction to the four languages taught at Stanley: French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. Students learn basic vocabulary and have short conversations in each language. They also sing, dance, cook and create art projects. Additionally, through games, travel and music videos and research in the library, students work together to gain cultural awareness and appreciation for other countries around the world.

Mr. Price - String Orchestras, 6th Grade General Music Wheel, Digital Music

Rooms 219 (strings)/215 (wheel and digital) - [email protected]
Stanley Music Website 


Strings Intermezzo Orchestra focuses on instrumental development, musicianship, and strengthening the skills required for more advanced ensemble playing.  Students in the Intermezzo Orchestra have the opportunity to begin playing the bass, or pivoting to a different string instrument.  For many students this is a continuation from musical experiences in elementary school, but beginners are also welcome. There are three performances per year.


The String Orchestra continues string education with greater instruction in technique, more difficult repertoire, and a greater emphasis on performances - usually five concerts per year.  Each year String Orchestra students have the opportunity to participate in our Chamber Music unit.  This LPIE-funded instruction during class time allows students to prepare chamber music under the guidance of our talented LPIE music instructors. 



For Strings Intermezzo Orchestra and String Orchestra, placement is based on a student's instrumental proficiency, as determined by the elementary teacher, private lesson teacher, and/or strings teacher.

6th Grade General Music Wheel - This class provides an overview of the music elective classes offered to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Students learn about several different aspects of music, including radio stations, streaming services, different types of musical ensembles, the science of sound, world music cultures, and careers in the performing arts. Students create musical compositions, sing, learn different rhythms and beat subdivisions, and develop audience and listening skills.

Digital Music - This semester-long class introduces students to music recording, songwriting, and production. Students create beats, lyrics, and songs; record their voices for commercial voice-overs, and collaborate on a band project. Students are given access to recording technology, including studio microphones and headphones, plus digital audio workstations Bandlab and Hookpad.

Ms. Scheuerman - Makerspace, Imagineering, and Robotics
Room 217- [email protected]

Intro to Makerspace (9 week - 6th grade wheel class)- This is an intro class to Makerspace and the design process.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Education serves as a catalyst for the course with a specific emphasis on Engineering. Project design, problem solving, perseverance, and independent thinking are skills that will be emphasized during this 9 week experience. Students will work on team design challenges including an eco-challenge, an engineering challenge, and a robotic challenge.

Beginning Makerspace (semester-long class w/ mixed 7th & 8th graders) - In this class, students will be involved in several group and individual projects that focus on the Engineering Design Process. Students will learn to collaborate, take on a variety of  team roles, plan, budget for, & develop a project, and use a variety of materials and tools.

Imagineering and Design (year-long class w/ mixed 7th & 8th graders)- Students in this class will be developing products using the engineering design process, and participating in design challenges that include a range of materials and tools. In addition,  students will be working in design teams to develop and maintain the school Makerspace. Students will also be working on Genius Hour projects of their choosing and sharing back their learning with the class and their community.

Robotics (year-long class w/ mixed 7th & 8th graders)- Students will be building and programming Lego Spike Prime Robots for a variety of challenges including a dance video and a sumo-bot challenge. Students will research real-world uses of robots and design robots to solve everyday problems. 

Ms. Shegoian - 8th grade Leadership
Room 106 - [email protected] 

Leadership - If you want to be a part of the change, we must be the change and show others the true Wildcat Spirit.  You must understand that it is our responsibility to create school spirit, positivity, and most of all, acceptance.  Your job as leadership students is to make sure everyone gets recognized for their differences and talents.  You must make sure everyone has a voice no matter who they are.  In order to ensure changes happen, we must change.  Alone you can only do so much, but together, we can be the change.

Ms. Young - Drama and Yearbook
Room 202 - [email protected] 

Drama Electives:

Grade 7: In Drama I, a semester course, students will build on the basic concepts and begin to polish their presentational and dramatic skills. By using various drama techniques students will learn to create and maintain a character with intentions and motivations. Students will display and reinforce the skills they learn through individual and group performances, teamwork, and journal writing. The friendly, supportive atmosphere of the class will encourage students to stretch themselves further. Drama I projects may include pantomime and improvisation, character and scene study, performing monologues, and scene writing. 

Grade 8: Drama II, a full year course, will emphasize the development of acting skills, play analysis, play production, and historical and social impact of theater as an art form. This workshop style class will help students rid themselves of inhibitions, trust their instincts, explore their own talents and build their imagination. They will also learn proper vocal techniques such as projection, enunciation, and diction. Drama II projects may include improvisation, character and script studies, developing and performing monologues, and writing one act plays that will be performed for an audience.

Yearbook - we combine photography, writing and design to come up with an outstanding annual.  Students learn to use SLR cameras, they work in Photoshop, Edesign, iPhoto, and Word.  Through teamwork, personal responsibility, and practice, they become better photographers, graphic designers, and writers over the course of the year.