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The World Languages Department is very pleased to bestow our students with awards each year.

We have two types of awards:

1) The student of the year award

Each language teacher selects the out-standing students of the year in each of the languages and the different levels.

2) The special World Languages Polyglot award

Some years, the department as a whole gives the special World Languages Polyglot award to one out-standing student who has successfully taken more than one language in our department.

Below you will find our speeches for these festive occasions.

Student of the year award:

The World Languages Department honors and congratulates the following spectacular young citizens of the world.  These dynamic students have certainly excelled academically, but they also understand that German, French, Mandarin and Spanish are more than “just classes” -- they are the key to a new way of communication. They are eager to practice their newly acquired language skills outside the classroom, and they don’t worry about making a few mistakes. They enjoy finding patterns and making connections between languages. Some of these outstanding students are on their third language, and others plan to undertake even more in high school and in college. They have willingly and consistently gone out of their way to help others also be successful. They have shown respect and enthusiasm for new languages and cultures. They are open-minded and tolerant, and they are always striving to learn more. Now more than ever it is important to learn a foreign language, and these students have done so with enthusiasm, zest and vigor! For these reasons and more, we salute these stellar young linguists, these open-minded, tolerant, and global citizens of our world.

The special World Languages Polyglot Award

This award is a special 8th grade award that isn't given every year: The World Languages Polyglot award.

A polyglot is someone who speaks multiple languages.

The entire foreign language department would like to honor a very special student and polyglot who has excelled in multiple languages during the last two years at Stanley. The student has successfully acquired knowledge in various languages and cultures and has shown a special enthusiasm for being a polyglot. We salute this special stellar young linguist, this open-minded, tolerant, and global citizen of our world.