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Physical Education



The philosophy at M.H. Stanley Middle School is to empower students to enjoy regular, lifelong physical activity, and help them lead healthy, active lives.  It is our goal to encourage the physical, mental and social growth of each student in our program.  Our staff provides a wide range of activities throughout the year that teach the foundations of fitness and promote health and enjoyment of sports and activities.   These activities are taught in a manner that allows students to have the opportunity to experience individual success.  Classroom focuses are on mastery of skills, teamwork, cooperation, communication, fitness and fun.  



The physical education curriculum is specifically designed for developing overall fitness and wellness.  The components of our program help increase the students’ development of movement and social skills, creating improved physical and emotional health.  Some of the units and activities at Stanley are football, basketball, cooperative adventures, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, archery, indoor games, paddle tennis, ping-pong, track and field, baseball, softball, hockey, handball, golf, soccer, jump rope, and physical fitness testing.




*Mastery of a variety of athletic skills

*Physical Fitness and Wellness

*Social Development and Interaction

*Positive Self-Image

*Individual Excellence

Missing your PE jersey?  Click on the link to view PE jerseys in the Lost and Found, and contact Mrs. Anke or visit Room 902 to claim.