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7th Grade Core



The 7th grade core curriculum is standards based and taught in a two period time block, which blends the content of English and history-social science, reinforcing the reading, writing, and analytical skills necessary for both. Skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening are taught in the context of literature and medieval history studies.

The English curriculum includes reading comprehension, literary analysis, and instruction in several standards-based writing types, including narrative, argument, and informational. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar are also included and are generally embedded into the writing curriculum.

7th Grade CORE Writing Focus

  • Writer’s Workshop Unit 1--Writing Realistic Fiction

    • Creating and Developing Meaningful Stories and Characters

    • Drafting and Revising with an Eye Toward Meaning

    • Revision and Precise Edits with Audience in Mind

  • Writer’s Workshop Unit 2--Writing About Reading--Informational Writing

    • Reading novels in small groups to discover meaning and develop analysis

    • Planning and Drafting Companion Books

    • Writing to Deepen Literary Analysis

  • Writer’s Workshop Unit 3--The Art of Argument--Research Based Essays

    • Establishing and Supporting Positions on Real World Issues

    • Composing more focused and Nuanced Arguments

    • Taking Arguments to a Larger Audience


Tying Writers Workshop with 7th Grade History

  • Historical Documentaries

    • Students will research and produce a documentary product on one aspect of the Renaissance.  Using a variety of sources students create an informative product with both text and visual material.

The history-social science curriculum focuses on history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Age of Reason in the beginning of the 18th century.  Our scope includes exploration the Roman Empire; Medieval Europe; the rise of Islam; Medieval Africa and Japan; Europe during the Renaissance; the Reformation and Scientific Revolution, the Age of Exploration, and the Age of Reason.


The Common Core standards 


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The 7th grade CORE Department acknowledges individual students each year who excel in the areas of English and history.  These students not only thrive academically, but demonstrate classroom leadership, an inquisitive mind, and an overall passion for learning.